About Run Gainesville

Run Gainesville was created in July 2011 as my project in lieu of thesis for my Master of Arts in Mass Communications with a specialization in journalism at the University of Florida.

Along with this blog, I have written an explanation of what I’ve learned from creating Run Gainesville along with advice to future graduate students pursuing similar projects.

Here are the sections of my explanation of what I’ve learned from creating Run Gainesville, in PDF format:

Choosing a Blog Platform

Posting Regularly

Driving Traffic

Using Multimedia

Blog Writing

Here’s my advice to graduate students pursuing similar  thesis projects:

Advice for Gradute Students Creating a Blog

3 Responses to About Run Gainesville

  1. Matt says:

    I will be visiting Gainesville in a couple of months and in the process of googeling a potential running routes, this blog came up. I will be staying near campus and will need to do an 8-10 miler. I have never been to Gainesville and do not want to end up on some highway or a bad section of town. Can you recommend a decent route?

    • Matt,

      If you can hop in the car, and prefer to run trails, I would certainly recommend San Felasco Park, which is about a 20-minute drive from campus. You can find their website here: http://www.sanfelasco.net/trails_bike.shtml Here’s a map of the park’s trails: http://www.sanfelasco.net/trails_bike.shtml

      If I had to recommend a route there, I might suggest you double up on the Cellon Creek Loop (4.5 miles) because that way you’ll circle back around to the trailhead where there’s water / restrooms. I haven’t done some of those longer and more remote trails, but their likely not near any water and can get pretty far out there.

      If you’d rather stay closer to campus and run on pavement, hit the Hawthorne Trail: http://www.dep.state.fl.us/gwt/guide/regions/north/trails/gainesville_hawth.htm The Hawthorne is well known around town and very popular among runners and bikers alike. The trail is 22 miles long, so you’ll have plenty of room no matter how far you’d like to go.

      I think those are your best two bets for the distance you’re looking to run.

      Good luck,


  2. Char Meyer says:

    None of the Hash Harrier websites are showing up…do these events still exist?

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