Run Gainesville Gives Birth to Run Miami

Admittedly, I’m a little late with this update.  So sue me!  (No, please don’t.  I have no money for you to take, anyway.)

Run Gainesville is not dead.  Ho! Far from it.

Rather, like a cuddly brown bear, Run Gainesville is in hibernation.

Run Gainesville, like brown bear, hibernates for months at a time.

You see, I am no longer living in Gainesville.  Yes, it’s a cold and sad fact.

However, I am 1) still living 2)in Florida 3)still running and 4)……

Still blogging, from my new interweb home:

Run Miami!

I have moved back home to my beloved 305, and although I still and will forever love the 352, it is a challenge to write about the G-Love’s events, news and such, from 400 some-odd miles away.

So for the time being, head on over to Run Miami, where I am still good for a few cheap laughs per month and, oh yeah, running thoughts, advice, info and more, too.

With that, I bid you, (I’ve always wanted to write this…)



About Benjamin Markus

I am a 32-year-old runner living in Gainesville, FL.
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