RunGainesville’s 2nd Summer – We’re Celebrating, Y’all!

Yuuuuuup.  Just realized it myself; R to the UN, G to the VILLE is T-Minus one day until its second official summer in existence.


That’s right.  Party time.

OK OK, maybe celebrating a second summer isn’t that big a deal in some places, but when you’ve run in Gainesville, or in Miami, where I am now, throughout the entirety of a summer and you’re willing to do it again


Uh, yeah.  Aren’t you?

The scary thing is it’s not even summer yet, officially, but it’s been summer weather for about a month now.  If there were a Groundhog Day in Florida, say, with a flamingo, and predicting summers, well, … well, crap, I don’t know what it’d see.

Not important anyway – move along.

I have been celebrating my second summer of RunGainesville operation since May 15, when I picked up my first planner aka. running log from Target.

I’ve never been one for meticulously planning out runs, weekly mileages or regular routines for myself.  And as a generally unorganized guy (in the traditional sense!), keeping a running log has been a big step for me.

Let me show you how I keep my log, and then I’ll say a little bit about why it’s so helpful.

Well for whatever reason, the picture of June 2012 won’t upload, tyvm WordPress, but it doesn’t matter anway.

As you can see I list what kind of workout I’ve done, time of run, distance and any relevant notes about the workout, pace, my health etc.

If you’re really meticulous, you can keep track of a myriad of stats about your runs: terrain, weather, fluid/food intake, time of day etc.  There’s really no limit.

I find the log especially helpful in determining when I should rest and when I should push it.

It’s also an incredible tool for looking at long-term vs. short-term progress aka. macrocycles, mesocycles and microcycles.

And let’s face it, it’s just nice to be able to see how much work you’re putting in.  It can make me feel pretty good about myself.

Another nice thing about running logs is you can find one at Target or Walmart for very cheap, or you can simply make do with what you have around the house.  An old composition book would work well for a running log.

What do you use for a running log?  Have you found it’s helped you along your running journey?  Care to share a picture of your log or a related experience?  Please do!

Good luck and good running,


About Benjamin Markus

I am a 32-year-old runner living in Gainesville, FL.
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