A Few Random Running Thoughts…

Since I’m having trouble coming up with brilliant, witty or even quirky topics to write about, I’ve decided to write a little about what I should have been writing about all along.  (Huh?)

You know, the everyday, the mundane, the rote.  So, with limited grandeur and modest expectations I bring to you: Random Running Thoughts a.k.a. Sh*t I’ve Been Thinking About The Last Week.

Random Running Thought #1: Last Saturday I ran my longest run ever in both time and distance, 1:40 and 8.15 miles.  Here’s a quick recap:

Start (0:00): I start running… slooowly.  I run slowly so that I will make it the entire 1:40, and to try to avoid any (seemingly randomly occurring) foot pains.

30:00 : I am still running, but I have realized that the park that I’m exploring is smaller than I expected.  I am already mildly bored.  Not good.

60:00 : I decide to run to another nearby park, which is about a half mile run through Miami traffic.  Like, Bird Road traffic.  Just awful.  I am not sure that I should even bother checking out this other park, but I do.  Boredom increasing, legs feeling heavy.

75:00 : Grab water at park #2.  The sky has grown dark, and it begins to rain heavily.  I try to look at this as a positive, but I am too exhausted.  Begin return to original park.

90:00 : Back at original park, but I still have 10 minutes to run.  Knees hurt, legs heavy.  Can I stop now?

Finish: Check Mapmyrun and find that I’ve broken my PR distance by more than a mile.  It is now raining, windy and cold.  I am too uncomfortable to get in a true warm down.

Looking at the run in black and white, it was pretty successful.  I met my time goal, 1:40, I ran further than I ever have before, and I wasn’t injured.

But, truth be told, I didn’t enjoy myself on the run.  During, I was bored.  Afterward I felt rundown and burnt out.  Marathon?  No thanks.

Random Running Thought #2: I ran with an iPod strapped to my arm for the first time during that long run.  The tunes were great.  The band holding my iPod was cumbersome and unsnug, though it did its job.

Random Running Thought #3: MapMyRun is both a blessing and a curse.  Yes, it is very awesome that one can track the exact distance and time of any run/bike/hike etc.  But now, I run around the block and I want to know how far, what pace etc.  And that damn armband..

Random Running Thought #4: The backs of my knees get very sore on long runs.  I should ice them afterward.

I had to take a break from running after that long run.  My body and mind needed a significant rest.  I was burnt out.  I took about a week off, save one short run, and I’ve been easing my way back into the previous routine (~25-30 miles a week).  Can’t stop.  Won’t stop.

And neither should you.


About Benjamin Markus

I am a 32-year-old runner living in Gainesville, FL.
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One Response to A Few Random Running Thoughts…

  1. Chris - North Port, FL says:

    I enjoy running, mostly on off-road trails. I enjoyed your articles about running other areas in Florida. I especially enjoyed your writing style. It’s creative, witty and extremely entertaining. Keep up the good work!

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