Running Through the Holidays – Don’t Fall!

It seems as though just about everyone struggles to maintain a workout regimen throughout the holidays, myself included.

Whether it’s the weather, the food or the family that’s keeping you from fitness during the holidays, I want to tell you just one thing:

It’s OK if you’ve fallen behind or are temporarily derailed altogether from your running, lifting, swimming etc.!

If you’re saying to yourself: wait, it is OK? Read on.

If you haven’t missed a beat at all throughout the holidays, I want to hear how you do it!

Here’s my opinion on the matter – the reason why I implore you not to stress about falling, temporarily, off the fitness wagon.

Fitness, be it running, jumping, fishing or fighting (thanks, Mick!), is a lifelong practice.  To be cliche, it’s a way of life.  There simply is no rush to get fit.

So if you haven’t ran in a week, two weeks, a month, don’t fret.  Don’t think about how long you’ve been inactive, busy or just plain lazy.

Think about tomorrow.

Because tomorrow you can get outside or get on the treadmill, be active, push yourself and feel great about it.

The wagon is always there for you to get back on.





About Benjamin Markus

I am a 32-year-old runner living in Gainesville, FL.
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