10 Things I’ve Learned From Three Years of Running

1.  Trail running can lead to secluded fantasy-inducing encounters with sexy, and often sweat soaked, women or men.

2.  Sadly, he or she may have a different take on the matter.

3.  You will have to poop on some of your runs.

4.  Whether or not you do (doo?) depends on how far you’ve run.

5.  After a run, you may, occasionally, be too tired for sex.

6.  If you’re turning down sex because you’re tired, I hate you.

7.  Runners resent runners that don’t acknowledge other runners.  Even a hand-raise pseudo wave will suffice.  Ignore me altogether, and I will take your mother out to a nice seafood dinner and never call her again.

8.  You will be asked for money, even if it’s obvious you don’t have pockets.

9. Dogs, and likely other animals, will scare the shit out of you at some point during a run.  This includes surprise spiders webs.

10.  You make puke at some point during a run, though hopefully not on the side of 441 during rush hour, while a convertible full of sorority girls laugh hysterically as they snap photos of you on the iPhones, the locations of which remain unknown despite various “puke” and “run” related Google searches…

Oh, any by the way,

LSU 21 –  Trent Richa…err…Alabama 24


About Benjamin Markus

I am a 32-year-old runner living in Gainesville, FL.
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